Contact Management & Customer Support

We started in the database design and support business, and provide everything from custom database applications, to supporting and troubleshooting existing applications. Often when a customer specifies what they need, we will recommend an “Off the shelf” application if it provides everything you need. We find this is more cost effective for our clients in many cases, plus provides the security of knowing you are using a product which is not so specific that you would have a difficult time finding support for it in the future. Basically we try to ensure that our clients have what they need at a minimal expense and with the best support available.

Web to Back Office Integration

Having a great internet site is good, but to be useful to your business you should be able to collect and use valuable contact information from your web visitors in a timely and automated fashion.. QUESS can provide the tools to do this. We provide total customer service and support solutions that can be taylored to fit your business.

Back Office to Web Integration

Conversely you need to update critical information on your web site in a timely fashion with a minimum of difficulty. We provide solutions for that as well.

Help and Support

Small businesses have a disadvantage in today’s highly technical world, and that is not being able to afford an in-house tech support person. QUESS can serve as your help desk and provide support to minimize your down time when problems occur. Visit our Support page to learn more.

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