In over 18 years of working with everything from small 1 man companies to Fortune 500 corporations, the one most expensive problem that is common to all is failure to have regular verified backups of critical company data . Along with that is the fact that most also don’t have a strategy to have off-site backups. It does you absolutely no good if your office burns down and the only backups of your data was in the office.

We have a number of backup strategies which will work for small as well as large companies, it is simply a matter of finding the best fit for your needs. With todays technology there is no reason not to have the security of knowing you can get back to business as quickly as possible after a catastrophic event. Feel free to contact us to discuss your needs. You won’t find one single backup solution listed here, simply because one solution does not always fit all applications.

Backup Hosting Service

We have a number of companies which we provide backup services for. We set up a secure hosting account with the storage necessary to backup their data. We also write custom backup scripts which will allow you to automate the backups on a regular schedule. All of our backup servers are backed up to locations both on and off-site as well.

Custom Backup Scripting

Our custom FTP scripts will compress your data then initiate the transfer of the data to a secure FTP server. These scripts are simple to add to Windows task manager so they execute on a schedule you define.

Backup Software

There are a large number of choices in backup software, not all are appropriate for all situations, or types of data to be backed up. Most packages are very good at what they do, you just need to know if what they do is what you need. Give us a call and we can help you identify what would probably be the best for your environment.

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