Technical Support

Providing Quality Support is what our business is built on. Support was part of our original business plan, not just an afterthought that had to be dealt with when we had time or resources for it.

Depending on the product or service that you have, we have several different avenues for support. We also have several different support plans available if you need support above and beyond our standard methods, such as 24×7 Priority Support for your network or application etc.

Web Site & Email Service Support

While we do provide telephone support for our web hosting and email hosting clients, the fastest and best avenue for support is to use our Help Desk at . It is available 24×7 and once you register there, you can either email help requests or log in via the web to submit a support ticket. Registration is instantaneous and you can submit a ticket in the same session. In an Emergency such as a server down issue, you can phone
1-888-491-0156 and leave a message in the emergency mailbox and a tech will be paged 24×7. Or for standard phone support you can call 1-719-302-2414 between 9am and 1pm MST Monday through Friday excluding holidays. Our Help Desk tickets are monitored 24×7 and responded to, so that is the best avenue for support.

Software & Network Phone Support

TeleMagic, Network and other software support is available by calling us at 1-719-597-6771 between 9am and 4pm MST Monday through Friday excluding holidays. Telephone support is billable at $3.50 per minute with a 10 minute minimum if you are not a regular client. We also have support plans available which reduces the per minute charge and some which also provide 24×7 emergency phone support. We also provide on-site support and training services.

Software & PC Remote Access Support

If you have a high speed connection like DSL, Cable Modem, T1 etc. we do provide immediate support using various remote access products. This enables us to have access to your computer regardless of location and provide hands on support. Please contact us for more details.

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