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E-Commerce Redefined

ClickCartPro is a complete e-commerce solution. Manage an entire web site and online store with one software package. Integrated with all major credit card processors, plus has the ability to process orders offline. 100% of the program is configurable via an administrator utility. Supports connections to advanced relational databases, but is capable of running in CSV-only mode.

The following listing is a very brief outline of some of the major features of the software.

Installation and Support
  • No programming required
  • Installs on virtually all webservers
  • Runs in it's own directory - you can run multiple stores on the same domain (a license purchase for each install is required)
  • Does not require a dedicated server - built for virtual hosts
  • Installs via FTP or SSH - your choice
  • No local platform specific installation package
  • Runs 100% on your webserver
  • Once installed, all configuration is done via the web-based administrator
  • Free support via our online forum
  • Free updates & low-cost upgrades
Platform and Database
  • Editable source codebase
  • Runs on any webserver with Perl 5
  • Full SSL/HTTPS support when necessary
  • Operating systems supported include all Unix/Linux, Mac OS X and Windows
  • The default database used is CSV (comma separate value) format
  • Advanced Databases supported include MySQL, PostgreSQL and Microsoft SQL Server
  • All database tables are querried and updated using SQL
  • Add table columns and execute SQL statements in real time using the web-based administrator
  • Easilly import/export data to/from CSV files and advanced databases
Web Based Administrator
  • All configuration is web-based after install
  • Password-protected administrative access
  • Manage your store from anywhere - all you need is an Internet connection
  • Set up multiple users with different levels of access
  • Make changes to your store in real time
  • Easy to follow menu system
  • Embedded context-sensitive manual links
  • Offers functions for virtualy every management task
Store Categories, Products and Options
  • Supports an unlimited number of categories
  • Create an unlimited number of levels of categories
  • Supports different display types for products within categories
  • Run category-wide discounts based on percentages or currency amounts
  • Product pricing types: Regular Price, Sale Price, Fully Option Based, Recurring Only, Volume Based and Not Priced
  • Recurring billing support allows you to specify monthly charges for products and product options in addition to or in place of one-time charges
  • Volume based pricing allows you to create different price breaks for quantities ordered
  • Each product can be set up under a declining balance inventory system and have maximum purchase quantities assigned
  • Out of stock messages are presented to customers if the inventory level is zero
  • State/Province and Country level tax exemptions
  • Enter search keywords for the store's search function
  • Choose to use different displays for each product and up to three different size images
  • Ability to include product-specific text in email confirmations
  • Two different descriptions for different displays
  • Support for best seller, new item, specials and splash page displays
  • Product-level shipping method choices including realtime rates, default product based pricing and custom shipping scripts
  • Support for digital goods - including full download capabilities
  • Ability to relate products to one another to cross sell them
  • Each product can be related to numerous categories
  • Product options can be of various types including textareas and textboxes (which allow customer input) and selection lists, radio buttons and checkboxes (which allow customer choices)
  • Product option selection items can have postive/negative price and weight changes on the item cost and support recurring billing
  • Each product option can be related to numerous products
  • Front-end search against keywords, description, product name and product number fields
Payment Processing and Checkout
  • Support for contact customer and offline credit card and switch/solo processing
  • Support for check and purchase order payments
  • Support for realtime processing with 29 gateway services:
    Authorize.Net (SIM & AIM); Verisign (Payflow Link); 2CheckOut (Authnet Interface); PayPal; WorldPay (DirectPay); Cardservice International (Linkpoint HTML & API); Wells Fargo (BoA & Authnet Interfaces); iTransact; Bank Of America; viaKLIX; PaySystems; ECHOnline; EFSNET; InternetSecure; Caledon; PlugNPay; SurePay; SkipJack; PSiGate; Netbilling; BluePay; NOCHEX; SECPay; Protx; Spectre; FirstPay; Planet Payment (Weblink); RT Ware (Weblink); GoRealTime.Com
  • Support for PayPal IPN
  • You can run multiple payment methods at once
  • Fully customize the order form - including creation of extra fields presented for customer completion at checkout
  • Additional checkout options include discount code entry, tax ID number entry for exemptions and an option to be added to the mail list
  • Support for a minimum total needed to checkout
Layout and Site Design
  • The site layout is template based, which allows you to use Frontpage or Dreamweaver created HTML in your layout
  • You can match the layout to the look and feel of the rest of your site
  • The administrator has a full content management system built-in with the ability to create script based HTML pages
  • Embedded program-specific tags allow you to include program variables and even code routines in your HTML
  • 100% of the front-end layout is configurable in over 200 different layout elements
  • Create new product detail, thumbnail and category displays on-the-fly
  • Change the text of all system messages
  • Change the different email templates used by the program
  • The store portion of the front-end is 100% dynamically generated for you based on your choices in the web-based administrator
  • Using the remote APIs, it's possible to use your existing HTML-based product pages with the store
Shipping Method Support
  • The program supports shipping choices on the product level - meaning one product could be downloaded whereas another could be shipped realtime where a third may be custom based
  • Support for realtime rates is available for: UPS OnLine® Tools, FedEx DirectConnect, USPS Web Tools and Intershipper
  • Support for embedded tracking information on orders is available for: UPS OnLine® Tools, FedEx DirectConnect and USPS
  • Default product-based shipping methods allow you to specify a per-item charge at the product level
  • Custom shipping methods allow you to use custom shipping scripts to specify custom calculations of charges at the product level
  • Manage your connection status with UPS OnLine® Tools, FedEx DirectConnect, USPS Web Tools and Intershipper realtime using the web-based administrator
  • Support for additional per-package handling charges
  • For realtime methods: The ability to ship items in single boxes, group with other items or to ship in separate boxes
  • Full drop-shipper support including the ability to specify different shipment origins for realtime shipped items
  • Drop-shipper support includes sending order confirmations for items ordered to shippers
Discounts, Sales, and Taxes
  • Support for the entry of discount codes at checkout
  • Discount codes are set up using the web-based administrator
  • Discount codes can be set to expire on use or be of the non-expiring type
  • Discount codes can include/exclude certain items at the administrator's discresion
  • Discounts can be done as a currency amount or percentage of the items ordered
  • Unused portions of currency amount discounts are saved for future use
  • Custom sale logic allows the administrator to use custom scripts to calculate sales at checkout
  • Taxes can be calculated for both State/Provinces and Countries
  • Items can be marked individually as tax exempt
  • Multiple taxation localities are supported
Order Management, Reporting, and Accounting Export
  • Order management functions include a fully searchable database table, the ability to enter shipping dates and tracking numbers for ordered items and the ability to include comments
  • Customers have the ability to track their orders realtime using the front-end
  • Administrator based reports include:
    Administrator Access Log; Product Statistical Report; Page View Report; Daily Activity Report; Search Term Report
  • A reset reports function is available to reset reports selectively
  • Accounting exports are available for both Quickbooks & Peachtree
Customer Care and Retention
  • The program uses both cookies and URL management to ensure customer shopping carts are retained throughout the shopping experience
  • User billing and shipping info is stored in cookies so it can be pre-populated on return visits
  • Customer account functions allow customers to set up accounts, edit them and retrieve lost passwords
  • The administrator can select whether logging into a customer account is a requirement to checkout
File Management Functions
  • Full file management functions are available within the web-based administrator
  • The administrator has the ability to upload image and media files
  • The administrator has the ability to upload downloadable files
  • All files uploaded via the program can be viewed/deleted via the web-based administrator
Affiliate Management Functions
  • The program comes with a built-in affiliate program
  • The administrator can choose to track referrals with cookies
  • At the administrator's discretion, maximum payouts per order based on a currency amount or percentage can be set
  • The administrator utility has functions to activate affiliates and assign commission levels
  • Sub-affiliates can be signed up by affiliates if allowed
  • An unlimited number of sub-affiliate levels can be used
  • Affiliate front-end functions include account creation and manangement, lost password retrieval, linking information and order & sales reports
Banner Ads, Email, and Mail List
  • The program comes with a built-in banner ad rotation program that allows you to add banners to be rotated randomly on the site
  • Choose what banners to display and where on the page they go
  • Both the front-end and administrator utility have contact modules that allow for email based communication between customers and administrators
  • The program is delivered with a full-blown mail list program that allows the administrator to send text-only or HTML-based email messages to subscribers
  • The mail list function allows customers to subscribe/unsubscribe via simple links
Dynamic Forms and Remote API's
  • The software comes with a dynamic form function that allows for the setup of web-based forms using a simple administrator interface
  • Choose what types of form fields to present, the questions asked and the email to which results from each form are sent
  • Both the dynamic form and shopping cart functions have remote APIs that allow for shopping cart additions and form submissions to originate from outside HTML pages