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Web Site and Email Hosting

Whether you need a simple easy to maintain website, or a complex database driven site or email solutions. We have hosting plans to fit your needs..

If you're tired of popup banners on your site, web hosts that speak technobabble, and poor support you have come to the right place. We pride ourselves in providing the best service for a price which won't starve you, and at the same time provide more features than most other web hosts provide.

You won't be jumping hurdles to get your site up and running with us! You can use the tools you are familiar with such as Dreamweaver, Frontpage or any other HTML editor, or you can use one of the many FREE content management systems we provide. With our CMS features editing your site is as simple as logging into it with your web browser and typing what you want. No HTML knowledge is needed. And if that is not enough, we provide over 50 different additional features you can install with a few simple mouse clicks! Things like Photo Galleries, Mailing Lists, Polls, blogs, Bulletin Boards, FAQ systems and .....

  • Advanced Virus Filtering is automatically enabled on all of our accounts. While this is a highly effective tool, we do recommend that you still use a antivirus package on your PC and keep it updated to minimize chances of a new risk infecting your system.
  • You also have the option to control how strict your spam filtering is, and automatically delete spam, or send it to a folder to review and delete at your leisure.
  • Ever wondered what exactly is taking up all the space on your web site? We provide a disk usage viewer so you can see exactly where all that space is going.
  • Ever want to automatically delete mail from a particular person or domain? You can do that as well!
  • Want Statistics on where your visitors are coming from, how long they visit your site, what search engines scan your site? We provide advanced statistics software so you can get all those details and a lot more.
  • Ever want to give someone FTP access to a single directory on your site so they can't affect the rest of your pages? We give you the tools to do this as well.
  • Ok, so you own several domain names and want to have seperate pages for each domain, but don't want to manage (or pay for) several web sites.. Depending on which plan you sign up for, you can have from 1 to 30 additional domains which all show different pages. Oh yes, we almost forgot.. You can also have separate email accounts for each of those domains!
  • Support? We pride ourselves in providing superior support to our clients, as well as providing extensive help libraries as well as Flash tutorials on just about every aspect of your control panel. We even provide tutorials on how to use Frontpage, and most popular FTP programs.
  • Our Control Panel gives you all of the tools to totally manage every aspect of your site!

    For as low as $5.95 per month you can have your own web space and personal email addresses! We suggest that you look at our Feature Hosting Plans to start with, they fit most site requirements. View our hosting plans here