All too many times we have seen a huge disconnect between companies web sites and the companies business. Web sites that are designed by people who are clueless about what you do or really need the web site to do. The internet is loaded with sites which are poorly optimized, slow to load and about 10 billionth in search engine rankings. We take the time to understand your business needs and goals, and start your design from there. We also find that many businesses have no clue how to maintain their site, nor has it been changed in years, we have solutions for that as well. Browse our options, and if you don’t see something you have a question about feel free to contact us.

Web Site and Email Hosting

A lot of hosting companies would like you to believe there is no difference between companies other than price. There is nothing further from the truth. Please visit our Hosting page to learn more.

Web Site Design

The design of your web site makes a big difference in how long people look at it, if they become interested in your product or service, and how search engines will rank your site. We have many options for designing your site, and between us and our associates we can ensure that your site accounts for all these needs. Our Design page explains what we can do for you in depth.

Search Engine Optimization and Promotion

A big consideration in your web site design and layout is search engine optimization, that is ensuring that when folks go to a major search engine looking for what your business does, it is found. And found in the first couple pages of results. There are also a lot of places advertising SEO services with outrageous prices that do no more than some of the free or low cost services. We have several solutions as well as recommendations that are reasonably priced on our SEO Page.

Web Site Maintenance

Maintaining your web site and updating pages on your site is essential to both give your visitors a reason to come back, and to keep your search engine rankings. The problem is that most businesses don’t have the time or resources to do this. We can help you by performing the maintenance necessary or train you in how to maintain the site yourself as well as identify the best tools to do this with. A number of ideas are outlined on our Maintenance page.

Custom Scripting & Programming

Scripts and Programs are what give your site interactivity .Things like dealer locator maps, custom forms which feed your office database, and backend programs and databases for tracking information, etc. We have over 20 years of programming and database design experience between our company and working for IBM in a previous life and have not found a web based project which can’t be accomplished. Please visit our Scripting page for more info.

Backup Solutions

To put it simply, your data is the lifeblood of your company. In the event of catastrophic disaster like a fire, flooding, theft, or many other things the loss of your accounting data, customer data, employee data and much more is irreplaceable in many cases. Insurance will replace the hardware, but won’t replace the information necessary for you to operate your business. Sadly data backups seem to be the last thing many businesses think about. We have many data backup strategies that we can fit to your business needs with a minimal cost and maximum reliability. Visit our backup solutions page for more information.

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