Web Site Scripts

Web site scripts are what provide a lot of functionality to your web sites, both for the public to interact with as well as tools for your office staff. With tens of thousands of scripts already available, chances are we know of something that will fit your need and not break the bank doing it. Often we find we can do a minor modification of an existing script and make it work in the manner you want.

Simple Scripts

Some examples of simple scripts are contact forms which also write the contact info to a database so you can easily import into your office applications, custom order forms, upload scripts so customers can upload files to you, or dealer locator scripts which customers can find branch office with. We also ensure that the scripts we provide can not be hijacked by spammers to get your domain blacklisted.

Complex Scripts

More complex scripts are things like Blogs, Message Forums, E-Commerce Solutions, Content Publishing Systems, Photo Galleries, Newsletter Publishing, Project Management and other full applications. We have extensive experience installing and customizing these to match the look and feel of your web site as well. We also write web based database applications so if you need a custom database with a user interface for editing and looking up data via the web we can provide it.

Also, many of the scripts we have described are readily available with our web hosting packages and you can easily install them with a few simple mouse clicks. You can see some of them on our Hosting Features page.

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