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QuikStore Shopping Cart Program v2.12

Discover what over 3000 users already know -- QuikStore™ is one of the easiest, most flexible Shopping Cart programs available today! Our software offers you a simple and affordable way to achieve professional results with your internet store!

With the wide range of plug-ins available you have the flexibility to configure your store just about any way you want it. Click here to view the plugins

Don't spend a fortune on those high-end products. QuikStore™ has many of the same features at a fraction of the cost.


  Has many of the features of high-priced Shopping Carts
  Does not have leasing requirements. You own it...
  Uses HTML templates for all cart pages
  Can easily be integrated into an existing web site
  Allows versatility in your web site design
  No Perl, PHP or ASP programming skills required!
  Installs itself to the server! With a built-in Install Wizard.
  Can use Frontpage or Dreamweaver for template layout
  Customizable shipping methods as well as realtime rates

QuikStore Features

Store Administration

The Program Menu used in Quikstore version 2.12 greatly simplifies the installation and setup of the default Quikstore program. This program has several built-in Administrative programs:

  • FTP Wizard

    The FTP Wizard installs the QuikStore files to the server. It's alot like WSFTP, however, once you login to the server, select the document root and cgi-bin directories, it knows where to install the files and what transfer mode to use. It also automatically sets the file permissions (UNIX Only) while it's installing the files to the server.

    Click Here for a screen shot

  • Configuration Editor

    The Configuration Editor allows you to set all of your store parameters. From this screen you can set the following information:

    • Basic parameters like the store name and email address
    • Server parameters such as Web site URL's and directory paths
    • Secure Server parameters
    • Currency Settings
    • Any/all of the configuration file sections/parameters
    • Credit Card Plug-in details/settings

    Click Here for a screen shot

  • Catalog Wizard

    The Catalog Wizard is our Database program. This program is where you enter in all of the data when you are using a database type store. You can create product categories, details, options, select images, and link pages.

    Once all of the data is entered, the Catalog Wizard automatically generates a products database, updates the list of categories on the search page and generates any options that you might have for a given product. Once you select step 7 from the Main Menu, it will publish the information to your website where it now list the new or modified product information. No need to make changes to ANY of the html pages. It's all done automatically once you enter data into the Catalog Wizard.

    Click Here for a screen shot

  • QuikCode Wizard

    The Quikcode Wizard helps you to define the HTML <FORM> code used on static HTML pages. If you have existing pages that you would simply like to add "Buy" buttons to, the Quikcode Wizard will automatically create the required <form> code based on your entries.

    This program will directly insert the code into the WYSIWYG view in FrontPage and DreamWeaver (Using CTRL+SHIFT+V). For other editors, you can copy the code to the windows cilpboard and paste it into your source code.

    Click Here for a screen shot

    Logic Wizard

  • The Logic Wizard is where you define your Shipping, Discounting, and Sales Tax logic. The Shipping Logic Wizard also has examples you can load to get you started. It's a good way to see real world logic examples.

    Click Here for a screen shot

  • Stylesheet Editor

    The Stylesheet editor allows you to change all of the font colors, face styles, and sizes that are used on the Quikstore templates. This allows you to very quickly and easily change the look of the cart pages to match your website.

    Click Here for a screen shot

  • Encryption Tool

    Once you have create an encryption key, the Encryption Tool is used to "decrypt" an encrypted order email or file. This tool also has a built-in "batch" decryption function where it automatically logs on to the server and downloads all of the encrypted order log files. It then batch decrypts them all at one time. It can also delete the files from the server if you choose to do so.

    Click Here for a screen shot

  • Publish Wizard

    The Publish Wizard is used to upload any changes you have made to your files either manually, or through one of the above programs. After you make changes, simply select Step 7 from the Main Menu to publish those changes back to the server. If selected, the Publishing Wizard will only publish changed files, or you can reload all of the Quikstore files back to the server.

    Click Here for a screen shot

Additional Features

Here's a list of some of the many features of Quikstore:

  • You OWN the software, not lease it. NO HIDDEN CHARGES!
  • Hosted on YOUR server, not ours.
  • Graphical front end and Installation Wizard
  • Built-in FTP Agent for one-click installs and updates
  • Requires no knowledge of advanced programming skills like CGI scripting, Perl, or ASP.
  • Runs on ALL Unix or NT/2000 servers with Perl 5 installed.
  • You only have to buy what you need! Should you want to add functionality later, simply get the desired plug-in...
  • Automatic backups of changed files, database files, setup files and more
  • One click Publish of updated files
  • Program updates over the internet. The "Web Update" feature keeps your files up-to-date without having to call or email us. You always have the latest files on your system.
  • Automatic plug-in detection
  • Uses HTML Templates for all cart pages.
  • Can be easily integrated into an existing website.
  • Build an HTML or Database type store or run both at the same time!
  • Unlimited number of products
  • Built-in database search engine
  • Unlimited product Options like sizes or colors
  • Supports both thumbnail and full size photos
  • Inventory Management Plug-in available
  • Easy image upload
  • Supports user defined database templates. You can have custom templates for each category if you like.
  • Allow you to have a Multi-Column, list style, and/or detail database display pages.
  • Uses header and footer HTML templates for all cart pages so you can have custom links, logos, etc on each of your cart pages. You only define them once...
  • Supports Euro Pricing
  • Allows you to have Quantity Based Pricing. Price is discounted when the user buys over a preset number of items. Unlimited quantity breaks. The system checks and maintains the correct price even if the user changes it later in the shopping process.
  • Supports SSL secure server transactions
  • PGP encrypted email.
  • Has a built-in encryption system if your server does not have PGP
  • Supports sales of downloadable and zero-weight items (Softgoods Download Plug-in available)
  • Flexible Shipping Logic based on form values, qty, subtotals, weight
  • Shipping Handling charges
  • Domestic US sales tax.
  • Multi-tax rates for states like NY.
  • Canadian HST, PST, GST tax rates
  • European Tax Rates
  • Coupon, qty and subtotal discounting
  • International language and currency support. All internal messages can be modified for your language form one single text file.
  • Multiple Payment Options. You can have as many checkout forms as you like...
  • Supports most all popular online Credit Card processors like Authorizenet, LinkPoint and many others...
  • PayPal plug-in available
  • Uses either the IP address or cookies to track the users cart.
  • All templates have been tested to work with browser versions 4.0 and above.
  • Customer & store owner receipt emails.
  • Quikstore sends your customer a 2 part email in HTML format. You can edit the email template and add your logo to make it look very professional!
  • Supports ALL email servers, like sendmail, SMTP, Blat, CDONTS, and ASP email.

    ...And alot more!